WELCOME to the WP of Jody Redmires. The frustrated, would-be accountant trapped inside a creative writers body.

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TBH the site needs a re-furb and a re-shuffle. There are things happening, publications coming out, and all sorts of stuff. Also the page ‘about Jody Redmires’ is now out of date and needs attention.

But until then…………….

Here, you will find all the usual stuff you might find on such a site – future read-outs, samples of ‘work’ (not sure if that’s the right word for it, perhaps that should be ‘stuff’), links to venues and events and all that malarkey. By-far the most populated section is ‘Poetry’. If you are a musician, check out Passion Poetry and see if you can do anything with those – most of which were written with a particular time-sig in mind.

Hope you find at least something you like.

S’it, really.


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