Poetry Platform

Tempus fugit.

Seems like only last week, the January romp.

February Poetry Platform is at the Railway again this Tuesday evening  (23rd).

Kick off around 9.00 pm would be great to see friends there again.

Lots of talented people reading out their stuff….plus me as well 🙂

Plus-plus,  if you haven’t yet bought a copy of Smug yet you can order online at http://wfa.uk.com/smug (free postage)

The print-quality is astonishingly good.

The journalistic quality?………. Judge for yourself.

Or pick up a copy from independent coffee bars and pubs throughout the City including:

The Art Café Jewry St.

The Place, Cathedral Square

The St James Tavern, Romsey Road

The Fulflood Arms Cheriton Road

The Hyde Tavern.. in erm…Hyde.

The Corner House (Parchment St. / North Walls)

The Albion ( near the train station)

and a few other places I cant recall off-hand (apologies)


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