A Day-Job Log-Jam

……………is going to prevent any serious writing over the next couple of weeks, as I put my mind to the more pressing matter of earning a crust.

However I will, if I get a chance, re-organise this messy little site into categories that make more sense and allow for easier navigation.

In the meantime, I have uploaded a second piece from the First Issue of Smug and there is a link to it somewhere above here. It’s titled: The Litterman (the piece, not the link).

Also there is a serious (serious, because it costs money) writing workshop this Sat morning at Winchester Discovery Centre with Barbara Large and Sarah Mussi, both of whom know a fair bit about the craft, and have already begun to help me.

And: Next Tues evening the Winchester Reading Series has a proper Poet there who is going to talk about all things poet-y, poestic, and of poetism in general. I forget where, but somewhere in the University. No doubt a building with a weird name. Will let you know venue if you are interested. Should be positively poetastic.

I aim to be at both events. Be nice to see you there.









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