Big grudge match tonight

Chandlers Ford Chess Club Vs Winchester Chess Club.

Local derby.

It could get ugly.

I remember last time we played there – our players coach was stoned by an angry mob of CFCC supporters.

And even during the match the crowd are very vocal. When I fianchettoed my KB, [a fairly innocuous manouvre, one would have thought] I was taunted with derisory chants of  “Who are ya, who are ya?”. Apparently, they thought I was taking the p__s. Like Gascoigne in ’96.

But you know what I really want to do, is to go to Chandlers Ford tonight, and say to their team:

“You can have any colour you like……. as long as it’s black”.

If I’m black tonight I’m gonna go all Alekhine on my opponent if he 1. e4’s.

As Corporal Jones is fond of saying: They don’t like it up ’em.




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