The vanity project

Watched the Matt Frei thing last night on Donald Trump.

Been trying to figure him out…it’s really just one big vanity project for him, isn’t it?

And if the American nation gets drawn into Civil War #2, then what the hell…………..

And then I thought about what we (as writer – performers) do, and that’s just a vanity project, too. We like to see if we can get a reaction, just like Donald wants to. Can we make people giggle, smile, or simply think ……………….or (in Donald’s case) can we make them  angry?

A few get lucky, and make a few bob, but that’s not really why we’re in it. I’ve got a day job and I quite like it really.

So there you go – Donald and I …………………..him all billionaire-loaded, and me just getting-by, but both of us on some kind of vanity project. Both trying to get one stage further up Maslow’s cliché of over-taught models.

And hopefully, that’s the only thing I’ve got in common with Mr Trump.

(long pause).

“That was Thought For The Day, read by Jody Redmires.


Its 8 O Clock. This is BBC Radio 4, and here are the news headlines……………………..”

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