Looks like Adam really did raise a Cain

A quick postcard from the Frozen North (well and truly living up to its name).

My son, who was named after a Springsteen song, has agreed to come along with me to see Springsteen in May.

Now that’s what I call poetic.

And what a remarkably mature and fine young man Adam is turning out to be.

Can’t wait to get back to the slightly bonkers and beautiful town that has stolen my heart…..

See you soon, hopefully at The Railway on 29th March.







Out of town

There are unlikely to be any posts for a few days, as I am out of town from tonight.

So to maintain some kind of momentum I’ve uploaded: From ‘China Syndrome’ 3. Look for link above.

‘China Syndrome’ is a daily blog made during November 2014 when I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to find myself in that remarkable country for a month or so. There are 36 entries in total.

I really will press on with re-organising this website once the latest log-jam is over.






Soooo looking fwd to this tonite…..

Lives in Comedy: Barry Cryer MBE and Tim Brooke-Taylor MBE
16th March 6.30pm The Stripe.
Two of Britain’s most respected and best loved comedy professionals share their stories of how they broke into comedy, what it’s like to work in the field and some valuable do’s and don’ts. Barry and Tim will discuss their working lives and answer questions from the audience.
Barry Cryer has been in comedy for over 50 years. A star of many comedy programs on television and radio which currently include BBC Radio 4’s  I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and Just A Minute Barry also has a huge list of writing credits and has written for virtually every major name in British comedy and many international stars including Morecambe and Wise, Bruce, Tommy Cooper, Stanley Baxter, Dick Emery, Dave Allen, Frankie Howerd, Les Dawson, the Carry On team on television, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett, Mike Yarwood, Billy Connelly, Russ Abbot, Bobby Davro, Jasper Carrot, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Phil Silvers, Phyllis Diller, Richard Pryor and many more.
Tim Brooke-Taylor has starred in numerous films, TV drama and comedy and radio shows. Films include Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), the Secret Policeman’s Other Ball (1976), Tangled (2010), TV shows include The Goodies (1970-82), Bananaman (1983-84), One foot in the Grave (1997), Heartbeat (2005-2009), Agatha Christie’s Marple (2008), Horne and Corden (2009), Little Howard’s Big Question(2010-11)Animal Antic (2013), Doctors (2015). He is also a panel member of BBC Radio 4’s  I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue.
The event is for staff and students of the University and is not a public event, however if you wish to bring a friend this is fine.

A sneak preview..

Coming in SMUG issue #2:

An exclusive interview with Nigel Collage-Baggage-Montage, Leader of WISPa

(Winchester Independent Secessionist Party)

SMUG: “Are you not afraid of the effect on the local economy if we secede”?

NC: “Oh don’t fall for the rubbish peddled by those project fear types. They are the same ones who put the willies up Scottish kilts in 2014 when the jocks wanted-out, and who are now saying that ‘Calais will come to Dover’ this year. There is a well bankrolled and coordinated organisation of anti-secessionist movements……… We call them OrgASM”.

SMUG: “But Wintonia will have to import nearly everything, surely”?

NC: “You are forgetting that we will have a near-monopoly on the supply of watercress. Once the rest of the world realises we can hold them to ransom they will soon come crawling back to the negotiating table”.

SMUG: “So you think OrgASM are faking it”?

NC: “Simple irresponsible scaremongering”.

Also coming in the next edition of SMUG


In which the Winchester Independent Secessionist Party (WISPa*) outlines its manifesto for full political and economic withdrawal from the rest of the UK.

Competitions to follow, including: Design the new Winchesterland flag!

Issue number two out in May.

For less than the price of a pint of flat warm Southern beer.

*WISPa are grateful for political donations from Cadbury’s plc


(h) Vs Yate Town

I don’t think I will make a habit of going to watch Winchester City F.C.

Watching Southport F.C. is bad enough.

But at least I managed to get a poem out of my only visit.

I believe this is going in the next edition of Smug, so here’s a sneak preview for you.

I have taken quite a few liberties with the events of the afternoon, not least of which is my reporting of the final score. They tell me it’s called poetic licence.

The weather report is accurate though. Bloody awful day.


(h) Vs Yate Town


They were at home versus lowly Yate Town

Back home, in the lee of Worthy Down

Of our number, there were only three-score

Evo-Stick football, (Southern League) to the fore


We huddled and shivered at the Denplan Ground

As February’s full anger whipped us around

The banks of the Itchen all sodden and mulched

The players strips now in mud-engulfed




Then finally a goal, in circumstances flimsy

A goal born on the wind, and its turbulent whimsy

A cheer lasting for four seconds full

Before inevitably, we return to the dull


But Yate Town then morphed into Hate Town

The centre-back scythed our number nine down

Our winger was put through the wringer

Received a stinger, from a circus-clown.


Then to the King Alfred, tankards-aloft

To celebrate the only goal, so soft

And how craft overcame agricultural tackles

We’ll return next time with cheers, or with heckles


Copyright, Jody Redmires 2016