Train rage

Once, I queued for hours at New Delhi main station to get a ticket that did nothing more than give me permission to go-stand in another queue (also for hours). After nearly a full day of queueing, I got my ticket. To be fair, after that, the service was excellent.

Once, in China, I had to pick may way over a carpet of sleeping bodies at the entrance hall of Kaifeng Station in Henan province, only to be herded into a pen and rushed along by people in military uniforms and loud hailers, in a scene reminiscent the ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’.

Once, in Sri Lanka, I took a ten hour train journey to go seventy miles. There was no water on offer and the only sustenance I had was a bag of nuts that I bought from a woman on the platform, at one of the many stations. Soldiers patrolled the train (basically ,kids with rifles) and when I got to my destination there were no street lights on because there was a curfew in operation.

And what does Corbyn do? Makes a bullshit video about bullshit full carriages.