Deal Breaker 2


It’s a deal-breaker, Veronica

All that E-flat harmonica

It’s not-exactly Dylan

With all that wine, you’re swillin’


It’s a deal breaker Angelica

Let’s cut the cord-umbelical

A church so ecumenical

Doesn’t suit my evangelical


It’s a deal breaker Kathryn

All that sabre-rattlin’

Instead of bluff and bullshit

Put your foot where your mouth is


It’s a deal-breaker, Louise

You’re too hard to please

All those breakfasts-in-bed

Can come from Carl, instead


It’s a deal-breaker, Hilary

My soul, you do pillory

For the vinyl collection

I cherish with such affection


It’s a deal-breaker, Amy

You incessantly blame me

For the kids imperfections

I wish I’d-never, on reflection


It’s a deal-breaker, Hannah

I’m tired of your manner

And the way you take harbour

In a bottle of Cava


It’s a deal-breaker, Claire

The way you got wet-there

That night on Costa Blanca

With Nigel-the-wanker


It’s a deal breaker, Maria

Quit-barking in my ear

Don’t even come near

And I trust this is clear


Its deal breaker Francesca,

….that tall guy from Leicester

You’re an emotional-blister

And I’m sorry I ever kissed-yer


Copyright, Jody Redmires 2014