Abbey Lane

[What if the Beatles had pulled that zebra-stunt on Abbey Lane (Sheffield) instead of Abbey Road?…Image: Stock].

Suited, and barefoot-light
McCartney skips the black and white
Piano keys of Sheffield eight
And “the Lollipop” tells him to take-flight

She cries out in disgust
“Do it o’er theer, if tha must”
“these kids ‘av to get ‘ome fer tea”
White VW Beetle lurks forlornly…….

A scouser-with-a-grudge,
Macca refuses to budge
And at his lack of manner, she shouts:
“I’ll give thee some silver-hammer”

Next up is Lennon,
All white-suit-and-sideburns
A real working class hero
From posh Menlove Avenue

But ‘Lollipop’ has shat-bigger
Late-hubby was a gravedigger,
So she inspires John to Imagine
The damage she might do-him

And now Starkey strays asunder
……so much for Come Together……
In concert-pianist attire
(Cheap fancy-dress hire)

Lollipop stands calm
She won’t do him no harm
All he’ll ever muster
Is percussionist bluster

And, as for Harrison?
Well, he just didn’t come good
He wrote “Here comes the Sun”
……..down in the Robin Hood

The end…………

Copyright Jody Redmires, 2014