About Jody Redmires

Above image: courtesy of Aperture Portraits of Sheffield

Jody Redmires… he lives in the Shires
Jody Redmires…talks crap, and perspires
Jody Redmires…he eats rubber tyres
Jody Redmires…(erm…something that rhymes with the above)

Jody Redmires is a University Teacher by trade. His subject area, which will remain undisclosed, is about as far away from creative writing as you can get. He spent 14 years teaching at a Russell Group University in the north of England. After having to read (as part of his day-job), an endless catalogue of academic journal articles, each and every one of them seemingly-endless in their own right, he decided he could say more in sixteen lines than your average academic does in sixteen pages.

In September 2014 he set out to explore the extent to which this was true. Some samples of his scribblings can be found on this website.

He writes all sorts of stuff – currently poetry, song lyrics, blogs and shorts. Mostly poetry / song lyrics (same thing). He is currently looking for a musician or two to put some of these to music – particularly those in the ‘Passion Poetry’ section. Most of those were penned with a particular time-signature in mind.

He is a regular contributor to SMUG satirical magazine:


And he is a frequent performer of his own ‘stuff’ at stand-ups. For details click on: ‘Future Read-Outs’.

In 2015 he seized the opportunity to live and work in The Beautiful South, and after a year in Winchester, Hampshire he is currently kicking-back in the South West of England, and offending local residents with his flat northern vowels at stand-up events.

In what remains of his free time, he has resurrected his love for competition-standard chess – in 2016 he reached the final of the ‘Winchester Plate’, where he was soundly thrashed by a decent player. He now plays for a small but very cool club in a local Chess league.

He also loafs around independent coffee bars, people-watching whilst pretending to read newspapers.

Please explore this website and by all means get in touch:

FB: Jody Redmires-Smith
TW: @JRedmires