About Jody Redmires

Jody Redmires is a University Teacher by trade. His subject area, which will remain undisclosed, is about as far away from creative writing as you can get (but it’s not exactly rocket science). He spent 14 years teaching at a Russell Group University in the north of England. After having to read (as part of his day-job) an endless catalogue of tiresome academic journal articles, each and every one of them seemingly-endless in their own right,  he decided he could say more in sixteen lines than your average academic does in sixteen pages. In September 2014 he set out to explore the extent to which this was true. Some samples of his work can be found on this website.

He writes all sorts of stuff – currently poetry, blogs and shorts. Mostly poetry – ‘bad’ poetry (for details of bad poetry, see elsewhere on here). He is a member of no fewer than three local writing groups, including the Hampshire Writers Society: http://www.hampshirewriterssociety.co.uk. He is a frequent contributor to SMUG – Winchesters first ever satirical magazine.

In 2015 he seized the opportunity to live and work in The Beautiful South, thereby realising a long-held ambition. He now teaches at a gorgeous, cute little flint-and-brick University whose buildings all have weird Anglo-Saxon names, and whose students actually do their homework (shock-horror). Consequently, he still has to read academic journal articles from time to time, but he has discovered that the ‘trick’ is not to take them as seriously as their authors do. He is currently seeking to buy a chocolate-box cottage in an idyllic chalk stream village within commuting distance of work.

He will spend the warmer months of 2016 walking the chalk downs and chalk streams of Hampshire and Sussex. He has already walked (years ago, and more recently) the Itchen and the Test but The Meon still beckons. He also helps to sail an old friends’ 17-footer on The Solent when he can talk him into it, and when it’s less than gale-force 6, and more than degrees-centigrade 12.

In what remains of his free time, he has resurrected his love for competition-standard chess. He is now around the same playing standard as he was when fifteen, albeit with fewer brain cells on which to draw. He loafs around independent coffee bars, people-watching whilst pretending to read newspapers.

He likes to watch re-runs of Dads Army on Saturday evenings, and there is very little-left in the world that will de-rail him from this simple pleasure, despite having all episodes on DVD anyway.

This website contains a selection of his writing, details of current publications and past and forthcoming public appearances…..and (eventually) a fair bit more besides. Please read, and feel free to comment.

Jody Redmires