Escape velocity

[Above: The Itchen near Shawford. Taken by Redmires, J.]

Escape velocity

She no longer wants me
Yorkshires Charlotte Bronte
She’d consider it affrontery
If I went all full-monty

She no longer digs me
Little Eleanor Rigby
And all the lonely people
Won’t restore my dignity

No longer attracted to me
Is the divine Laura Ashley
So I don’t stand at her altar,
Her floral-print factory

Whilst Emiline Pankhurst
Straddles-not my bratwurst
She became un-enraptured
As chained to railings, we fractured

And I no longer mind
To this fate, I’m resigned
I will walk the chalk inclines
As we all repair our minds

For when once, I would have died for
Skinny Lady Godiva
These days I strive for
Writing poems, for a fiver.

Copyright Jody Redmires, 2016