Laura’s melanoma

Image: Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield. Taken from Wikipedia site.

Very loosely based on someone I used to observe, and occasionally talk to, in a posh wine bar in Sheffield. RIP

Laura Jane Cole

As fitness club Laura
Entered the sauna
She noticed a rather
Pronounced melanoma

Many years of Club-Med
And the back room sunbed
Had taken its toll
On poor Laura Jane Cole

A stylist by trade
Her own hair in braid
Looking the business
To all who witnessed

Immaculate manicures
So calm, and so self-assured
Her working domain
Just off Psalter Lane

But now she must face up
To compromised make-up
And trips to the surgery
This was not meant to be

Consultant referrals
Persistent deferrals
What kills you is the waiting
And the not-knowing

To Weston Park hospital
For a cure, if possible
The price of beauty
A high one to pay

Bereft of the glamour
That once made men clamour
The nurse gently pours
Bleach into her veins

And today we stand over
Laura’s melanoma
As slowly we lower
Her earthly remains.

Copyright Jody Redmires, 2014