Passion Poetry – Intro

Here you will find samples of an emerging collection of poems about love , lust, desire and all the emotions associated with the ‘down’ side of break ups.

They reference absolutely no one from my past, and are offered-up here purely as pieces of written art – no more, and no less.

Some of it is racy and risqué, for that is the very nature of passion-poetry.

After a recent read-out in Southampton, a charming and well-intentioned woman offered me some advice:

“You know you can have more impact with fewer F-words?”

Her gist was ‘less is more’.

So I did a little research into how the professionals do it.

I found myself a copy of “Making Love; the Polydor book of Erotic Verse” edited by Alan Bold.

Stuff in there includes bits by Shakespeare, Chaucer, Spenser, Skelton, Sheridan, Pope, Blake, Thomas, Erica Jong (first name supplied in order to highlight gender), and many more, including (strangely enough) Alan Bold.

I’m around ninety pages into it.

The average (arithmetic mean) frequency of appearance of the F word in this collection (so far) is around 0.15 per page – but this is eclipsed by use of the C-word (I never use it in my stuff) at 0.23 per page.

So ……………. my conclusion about my own stuff?

…..not enough use of the C-word.

That’s just one reason I ain’t gonna make the big time 🙂

Please…….read on….