On reading out poetry live onstage …..anywhere ……….my very raison d’etre. It’s where, when and how I ‘become me’. All those years of lecturing were just an apprenticeship 🙂


Own the bloody stage
Don’t merely occupy it
Take it, it’s yours
Like it’s your last time
Your last chance to take
Those steps, the applause

Look into their eyes
Give them your all
Your best shot
Your every bead of sweat
A performance never to be forgot
Nor one ever to forget

Make them recall
As they commute next morn
That night when your soul
Touched their own
Your spoken word
In that theatre of the absurd

Supply them with the sublime
As they consume their wine
Make them hold-fast
‘till the very last
Tonight you and they are one
The shared emotions have begun.

Copyright Jody Redmires, 2016