Served Cold


She’s beautiful……. so beautiful

And I worshipped every cuticle

Still do, if I let the truth be told

She really is something to behold


The way she used to stare at me

Like nothing could compare with me

Now all she does is glare at me

In search of perfect-Jeremy


I gave her such fine cause to hate

And that she does is beyond debate

Used a poor rhetorical template

Real anger from the Devil-incarnate


She now exacts her revenge with guile

Prepared to go the extra mile

To visit the places she knows I might gaze

On her fine dress sense, and pretty style


And yes I look, in fits, and bursts

And yes, I feel like the worst of the worst

Once downed a liquor-pill to soften the hurt

Of a dish served cold, with a ‘side’ of dirt.


But there’s only so far one can atone

So I don’t pick up that telephone

For to me that was love, fully-blown

I’ll no longer place this girl on a throne


Copyright Jody Redmires, 2016