The Academic Epidemic – Intro

“Well we busted-out of class
Had to get away from those fools
We learned more from a three-minute record
Than we ever learned at (Management) School”

(Bruce Springsteen…OK OK, so I inserted the ‘Management’ bit myself)

According to the census that year, in 1971 there were only 820 Professors in UK Universitites.

In 1991 it had increased to 8,665

In 2011 their number had risen to 61,557

At this exponential rate, it is anticipated that just over one third of the UK population will be Professors of one thing or another by 2051.

And by 2071 there will actually be more Professors in the UK than there are Elvis impersonators. A truly sobering thought.

In fact, I’m all-shook-up thinking about it.

No wonder plumbers can charge so much for their services.

Welcome to the AE… which I take a swipe or two at the (sometimes) bonkers world of UK Higher Education.

No individual academic or Institution is being targeted here. Any resemblance WILL be a co-incidence, will be entirely unintentional, and nothing else.

There are a few pieces in the pipeline but they are all about seven eighths good and one eighth bad.

None of them is wholly perfect.

A proverbial curates egg if ever there was.

So they are not going up here until I have either erased or improved the one eighth.